How To Match Wall Color With Wood Floor

Posted by Adam Zielinski
on December 24, 2022

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make in beautifying your home is how to match wall color with wood floor color. Floors and walls are usually the largest surface area in a room; thus, they should work well together.

You can bring out the best in a room and match the wall with the wood floor color once you understand a few basic rules. This blog post will share a few fundamental principles that help you match your wood floor with colors to create a pleasing and relaxing ambiance in your home!

How To Match Wood Floors To Walls

Hardwood floor colors come in various tones, and there are infinite wall color combinations. Opt for a paint color with an accent color that is opposite of it on the color wheel to ensure your living space doesn’t go astray.

Wood Tone Types

Get to know the undertones in your wood floors, either warm or cool. The best way to distinguish between warm tones and cool tones is that warm wood tends to look red, orange, or yellow. Cool undertones contain hints of gray. If the wood finish looks beige, it is considered to have a neutral undertone.

Wall Colors For Light Wood Floors

Commonly, it’s easy to choose paint colors for light wood floors.

The best approach is to balance these light floors with crisp white or cool-neutral walls. But you need to ensure it doesn’t contain warm neutral or yellow/brown pastel undertones that would disagree with your flooring, like taupe or beige paint colors. Also, matching it with a similar neutral wall color will make the whole area too bland.

Light wood floors are also an excellent opportunity for a striking and elegant accent wall to make the room stand out.

For an ideal mix of wall colors with light hardwood flooring, use the following ideas:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Dark Brown
  • Warm Shades
  • Mint Green
  • Pale Yellow
  • Pale Blue
  • Charcoal

Wall Paint Colors For Gray Wood Flooring

Because gray is among the neutral colors, gray wood flooring can be in warm or cool hues, and identifying that can help you select the best choice.

With gray floors, stick with warm color paints, like reds, oranges, yellows, etc. To match cool gray undertones, you need cooler colors like light blue, teal, or light purple. The following complementary colors can harmonize with your gray wood floors:

  • White Walls
  • Lighter Gray Walls
  • Brown Walls
  • Pink Walls
  • Green Walls

Wall Colors For Medium Wood Floors

Medium wood floors work with both light and dark wall colors. To match wall paint colors with medium wood flooring, use the following:

  • Dusty Greens
  • Cool Blues
  • Cool Grays
  • Neutrals or Whites

If your medium hardwood has warmer clay or terracotta undertones, avoid wall colors that are too warm. Likewise, skip all beige walls with warm undertones because they don’t provide enough variation on medium floors.

Red oak and cherry floors are the two common medium-toned wood floors that fall into the middle range. They’re also among the warmest colors and need cool wall colors to neutralize the color scheme.

Wall Paint Colors For Cherry Wood Floors

Cherry wood’s deep red tone makes it a little more challenging to find a perfect complementary hue. But this doesn’t mean you have few wall paint options. The suitable wall colors for cherry hardwood floors are crisp white, lighter blue tones, and cooler grays. Forgo warm wall colors since they will emphasize the redness of cherry wood.

Wall Paint Colors For Oak Hardwood

To get the ideal wall color for oak floors, you must first determine if it is red or white oak.

  • Red oak has reddish and warm pink tones. Dark and cool blue and green tones enhance the facet of red flooring.
  • White oak floors tend to be light beige through brown. The typical choices are charcoal or pastel.

Your choice that can match both wood tones is earthy-toned colors, which can deepen the floor’s rustic look. Choose light but rich shades, like cinnamon, to feature the wood’s streaks. Refrain from deep hues.

Wall Colors For Dark Wood Floors

Dark hardwood floors are adaptable and can go with any color. For a cocooning effect, use luscious, deep tones. If you like a more contemporary vibe, try using lighter hues, like warm neutrals. No doubt that light walls make a room look bigger and brighter, and make it feel more inviting.

Experts mostly advise avoiding dark wall colors because dark walls paired with dark floors will make your room feel too dark and closed-in, except when you have giant vaulted ceilings and an open floor area that receives enough natural lighting.

Below is a list of light wall colors which go with a dark wood floor:

  • Warm White
  • Cream/Beige
  • Olive Green
  • Pastels

Choosing Wall Colors With The Help Of Professionals

Wood floors’ timeless impression brings character and sophistication to your home. Opting for wall colors for light or dark wood floors is a task that relies on how much natural light is entering a room, the color of the floors, and your interior design.

If you’re looking for Hardwood Flooring in Mississauga, look no further than Supreme Flooring. Our experts can advise you on the floor and wall color combinations that complement the entirety of the room. Call 647-893-1771 to get started.

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