Pet-Friendly Flooring: Best Floors For Dogs

Posted by Adam Zielinski
on August 23, 2022

You love your pup, so you want to find the most appropriate flooring for pets, with their safety and comfort in mind. However, attractive flooring that’ll survive scratches, as well as the inevitable dirt when your dog tracks mud in on muddy paws, would be ideal, too!

Some floors are better for dogs generally, but your pet’s breed, temperament and age impact what the best flooring is for you. Consider the location, traffic, and your priorities and needs before deciding. Scratch and stain resistance are critical factors for most people, while easy cleaning and dog comfort are also desirable. Whatever you choose, the best flooring for dogs is a durable one.


Generally, carpeting isn’t the most dog-friendly flooring, unless your dog is a well-trained, older dog, with joint pain or stiffness concerns, needing extra softness and traction.

Otherwise, there are several disadvantages to carpeting. They attract and trap pet hair, so you’ll need to vacuum frequently and shampoo regularly. More expensive types may resist pet stains, but dirt, pet hair, dander and odours are hard to remove. Unclipped pet nails snag on looped carpets, potentially damaging the carpeting or nails.

If you still decide on carpet, choose a darker colour to hide any carpet stain, or opt for replaceable carpet tiles.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is attractive, with the look and appeal of a wood floor, and is one of the best flooring for dogs. Although these artificial wood floors are one of the most cost-effective options available, the real advantage for a pet owner is the protective layer. This layer makes it a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant flooring that’s easy to clean, and resistant to staining.

A laminate floor is warmer and more comfortable than some others for furry friends. With a pad and good underlayment, not only are these are softer, well-insulated, and warmer, they have good sound absorption. Textured options give pets the grip they need.

Ignored spills from water bowls may be absorbed or seep through cracks; however, cleaning up right away will prevent any issues. 

Supreme Flooring can install the perfect laminate flooring for you.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is another of the best flooring for dogs. Vinyl plank flooring simulates hardwood flooring, while vinyl tile imitates stone, ceramic, or slate. Choose one with texturing for traction. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is preferable to standard vinyl floors, which is too thin for durability with pets; luxury vinyl tile and planks are sturdier with better scratch resistance. All provide stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces, however. 

Because of the seams, moisture can leak down through, so you still need to mop up pet accidents and other spills quickly, or look for vinyl sheet flooring for fewer seams.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly, unique, stain-resistant flooring. Most options are tough, but some strand-woven varieties are extra durable. 

While it’s one of the pet-friendly floors, there’s a wide range in quality of bamboo flooring, so if you choose to use bamboo, be sure to research thoroughly to avoid issues. They’re easy to clean, but known for being a moisture-sensitive flooring.

Cork Flooring

Like bamboo, cork is environmentally friendly and unique. This warm, softer flooring for dogs absorbs sound well. It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. However, it is not one of the more durable flooring options, getting scratched and dented easily, and is sensitive to moisture damage.

Ceramic, Stone, and Porcelain Tile Flooring

Although expensive, these floors are extremely durable and highly resistant to pet damage. If installed well, with stain-resistant grout and sealants, they’re water resistant and handle spills and heavy mopping. Porcelain is more resistant than ceramic tile.

Because tile is waterproof flooring, it’s the best flooring for puppy accidents or for incontinent dogs. However, some aspects make it unsuitable for other dogs. Engineered tile has a warmer feel, but traditional tile floors typically are cold and hard, and uncomfortable for dogs. Additionally, most tiles are slippery, affecting active dogs who may slip while playing, as well as older dogs.

Solid Wood Flooring

Many pet owners worry about how dog-friendly hardwood floors are. However, with some basic care, these can be one of the best flooring for dogs. By trimming your dog’s nails regularly to reduce scratches, and cleaning spills right away, real hardwood floors are both attractive and suitable for most pets. Select one of the hardest woods for the best hardwood flooring. 

Engineered hardwood is a more cost effective and sturdier option; in addition, engineered wood floors can be regularly refinished. Improved scratch-resistant finishes protect solid hardwood floors, too, and you can sand and refinish these if necessary. Strong grain patterns, matte finishes, and distressed or reclaimed wood floors camouflage any scratches well.

Both engineered wood flooring and real wood floors are easy to sweep. They have a warm, natural feel, and good traction. If installed well, with a good underlay, they’re more comfortable and have better sound dampening. Supreme Flooring is an expert in hardwood flooring, helping you find the best option for both you and your dog.

Rubber Flooring

For specific areas, you may want to consider rubber flooring. It’s a sustainable flooring that’s fairly durable and bacteria-resistant. It has excellent traction unless wet, and is soft for comfort. If you prefer not to use full sheets, durable rubber mats provide the same benefits in key spots. There are also rubber dog kennel mats for added comfort.

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